Sunday, June 19, 2016

Color Scheme

We had originally picked a burnt orange pearl, but Adam convinced us to go with more of a traditional Jeep color.  These photos are of another project that he did.  Every time I went over there, I must confess, I drooled over it.  Anyway, Mary and I are loving the new choice and look forward to watching the transformation!

Inspiration Photo

Inspiration Photo

  • Body/Grille
    • Honda Carbon Bronze
    • Brand Code: 913624
    • DEM Code: YR562P-A, YR562P-G
    • Mixing Scheme: OMNI AU (MBC)
  • Trim: (hinges, cage, wipers, bezels, brackets, mirrors, etc.)
    • Duplicolor Low Gloss Black Engine Enamel #1634
  • Bumper/Running Board
    • Duplicolor Black Truck Bed Coating #TR50
  • Wheels
    • Satin Black
  • Tub Liner/Undercoat
    • Raptor
  • Engine Compartment
    • Raptor
  • Dash
    • Honda Carbon Bronze 
Finally In The Spray Booth!

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