Thursday, June 30, 2016


The bumper comes with a glossy black powder coat and the shackle mounts are fairly sharp at the edges.  I decided to ease those edges with a file and touch up a couple of irregularities from the factory.  I then painted them with Duplicor low gloss engine enamel.  Looks great.  Also scotch brighted the shackles... I like the look.

Bought new button head stainless bolts, lock washers and nuts to mount the bumper.

The shackles rattle and could end up chipping the paint.  Solution: spend $20 on special isolator washers or make some out of Gorilla exterior duct tape.  Just fold over some tape, trace out a 1 3/8" O.D. and 15/16" I.D. circle and cut out.  Works perfect.

Found a guy on ebay selling these diamond plate frame covers.  Used Scotch BrIte to dull the finish to match the shackles and tool box.  Also stacked up 3 rubber garden hose washers and siliconed them to the bottom for support.

Here it is installed.

The cross member is not strong enough to support a full rear bumper.  Found these frame tie in brackets on ebay.  Very nicely done for $40 including the hardware.
Unfortunately, the bolts were only 3".  The CJ7 frame is wider... off to Tractor Supply.

The OEM exhaust hanger tank would no longer fit, so I fabricated a new one out of 2 x 4 angle. Tapped the tie in bracket for a 1/2"-20 stainless bolt positioned over the existing tang slot in the frame.

Here it is all bolted up and painted.  

A view from the rear.

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